Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trinity Sunday and week

For those of us not going to the diocesan picnic at Waldameer, Bronnie is providing a Turkish coffee hour. She will also be showing pictures from her trip. An additional reason to be in church on Sunday!

On Friday, 17 June, the Learning Center received permission from the Pennsylvania Board of Education to operate a K - 4 in classrooms in Christ Church. One Tuesday the Meadville Tribune will visit to prepare an article for the paper. Watch for the publicity. If you know of families who would prefer to educate their young people outside the public schools, please tell them about The Learning Center. More information will be forthcoming and an Open House will be scheduled for mid-July.

On Wednesday, 22 June, the vestry will be having a retreat to discuss the future of Christ Church. Your prayers are requested for those who will brainstorm where we could be in ten years and how we can get there.

On Sunday, 26 June, the daughter of Leah's violin teacher will be baptized at Christ Church. Come and help us celebrate this new member of the body of Christ. The Pettits are providing coffee hour.

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