Thursday, June 2, 2011

The June Chronicle

The newsletter has been frustrating this month. The printer ran out of toner and the box which supposedly contained black toner actually had yellow. Then the people who kindly helped fold, label and stamp the newsletters to be mailed forgot to tape them and the editor mailed them without realizing that. Of course the mailbox had already been emptied by the time the error was discovered. The recipients probably got a cover and a calendar only. Sigh.

There is an error in the time for the eucharist at Waldameer. Registration begins at 10 with the eucharist at 11.

If you know someone who receives the Chronicle via postal mail, please print it from the internet and visit them with. Of course that will be little difficult for our Virginia and Texas friends.

Meanwhile, Rose Dunn, we need you well and back home taking care of our mailing!

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