Sunday, April 10, 2011

Todo notices for Christ Church

1. Put "outside cleanup" on your calendar for this Saturday, 16 April. If you aren't interested in gardening, come and help explore the cupboards in the kitchens. We'll be there at 9 am.

2. Don't forget Palm Sunday, especially if you have agreed to read one of the parts.

3. Money for Easter flowers is due in the office on Monday. Bring your check (memoed Easter Flowers) Sunday. Be sure to include the name(s) memorialized or honored plus the donor.

4. We will have the traditional Agape Feast after the Maundy Thursday eucharist. There is a list on the easel by the office to sign telling us what you will bring. You are attending.

5. There is another list on the easel for people who will be driving and those who need a ride to Easter Vigil at the Cathedral in Erie on Saturday, 23 April. Sunset will be at 8:10 so that is when the Vigil will begin. It would be wonderful to have a large Christ Church group to support our new members who will be received/confirmed then.

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