Tuesday, January 25, 2011

After the annual meeting

Despite the outside temperature of 7° F, Christ Church members came for the eucharist and stayed for the annual meeting. Special thanks to Mary and Hank for making the effort, walkers and all. We watched the diocesan video, "It's a Great Day in the Kingdom," then elected Rod and reelected Betty and Shelley to the vestry. There were a few questions about items in the budget which were easily explained. Outgoing Senior Warden Tom expressed appreciation for his predecessor Gay who held the parish together, Father Larry Donahue for bringing healing and Bishop Sean Rowe for sending Father Richard Elberfeld. Father Richard set out four areas the parish must address - Education/Formation, Outreach, Stewardship and Community Involvement. We can't pretend there are no big challenges.

Copies of the Annual Report are available in the church office.

A brief vestry meeting elected Shelley as Senior Warden, Bronnie as Clerk and Pauli as Treasurer. The Junior Warden election was postponed.

After the meeting most people stayed for a soup and salad lunch provided by several generous souls.

At Christ Church Meadville, there is much hope for a bright future given the cheerful participation of everyone in the parish. It is truly "A Great Day in the Kingdom".

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